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Trainspotter's Timetable Inspector

Welcome to the timetable information for Trainspotters!

On this website, various raw timetable data from so-called GTFS feeds (Google Transport Feed Specification) prepared and presented. A GTFS feed consists of a series of data sets containing all the timetable data of a public transport company or, in the best case, a summary of all timetable data for the entire country. The summarized GTFS data of a country are used here. In the selection boxes on the right you can see which countries and travel categories are available for the respective country. The data is reloaded depending on the availability cycle of the railway operator.

This means that this data can be made visible here in a form that is not possible on the official timetables online. The following options are available:

  • Stop activity: This is the heart of this website. Here you can display all movements for the selected stop, train station or ferry port, regardless of whether they are arriving or departing. Here you can now also start a graphical simulation mode, watching the trains' progress on a map.
  • Route search: Search for train or transport routes of the public transport You can also search for trip numbers here.
  • Route section: Search for connections within a route.
  • Calendar: The entered date is used for all search queries, today's date by default. If there are no connections on the specified date, the program searches the corresponding travel days and shows them in a calendar view.

You can select the desired part of the timetable from the selection on the right. A selection list with so-called checkboxes appears on mobile devices.

This application is not suitable for searching connections with transfers!